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Wash, Polymeric Sanding & Sealing

polymeric sanding

Stop Weeds Growing Back

Interlock Patio Wash & Seal

Does your interlock stone paver patio & driveway look old and weathered, with weeds growing between the joints? Our team will power wash your patio removing the stains and weeds along with debris and old joint sand.

Once patio is dry we will use professional grade polymeric sand and sweep in the joints preventing new weeds from growing back. Your stone patio will look new again.

Pro Sealing Interlock Stone Pavers

Interlock paver stone patios and driveways are expensive, protect your investment with our Wash and Seal process. Applying a high quality stone sealer will prevent staining, weeds and keep your patio looking new.

Depending on the size and condition of your patio driveway we either roll or spray seal the stones once they are dry and cleaned.

Professional power washing stone paver patios start from $295 and Wash with Sealing $495, your neighbourhood representative offer free onsite estimates.

Seal King Pavers Stone Sealing

Professional Grade Surface Sealer

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