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Professional Window Cleaning

Nothing looks better than a home with crystal clear windows. Not only clean glass makes your home look more beautiful and inviting, you’ll also enjoy the abundance of natural light that’s good for you, your pets, and your houseplants.

Dirty glass is unsightly and significantly cuts down the amount of light entering your home. Scrub Geeks can make the sun shine in once again with our latest water purification technology that will provide a crystal clear, spot free, and streak free shine.

Have skylights, high, or awkwardly placed windows? No problem! Our state-of-the-art carbon fiber extension poles can reach the most difficult windows. Scrub Geeks will make your windows will shine like diamonds.

Home Window Cleaning

At Scrub Geeks, we pride ourselves on thorough and professional window cleaning. Our highly trained technicians and organized fleet of vans instill confidence in all our customers. When a Scrub Geeks pro pulls up to your home, rest assured you’ll get thorough and detailed window cleaning every visit.

Why You Need a Window Cleaning Service

Windows are a huge investment in your home, so regular maintenance is important to keep them in good condition and looking beautiful. Because glass is porous, accumulated dirt can affect the surface. Weather conditions also adversely affect glass. Common contaminants include acid rain, air pollution, dust, oxidation, paint overspray, salt from sea spray, etc. Clean windows are healthy windows!

Most people don’t have the time or the equipment to properly clean their windows. It can also be dangerous when tall ladders or hauling equipment are involved. Our technicians use the latest technology to safely and efficiently clean your windows and leave them sparkling clean.

What We Clean

If you’ve got glass, we’ve got you covered! Our expert techs clean it all: single pane, double pane, french pane, glass panels, skylights, solariums, you name it. Our hi-tech equipment cleans any type of window, inside and out.

Interior and Exterior and Window Cleaning

Our techs will clean the inside and outside of your windows. We use an applicator/squeegee process with water and a biodegradable window cleaning solution

Streak Free Clean Windows

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